Puma Construction realizes that the damage from a fire does not stop with the physical destruction of your belongings or inventory and equipment.  The water used to stop the effects of the fire may create more damage that requires professional attention.  Water, whether used to control fire, or allowed to permeate your premises through faulty plumbing or leaking roofs must be handled quickly and effectively to minimize the additional damage.
We start the process as soon as we are able to gain access to the premises and remove as much of the water from the carpet/floor coverings as possible and place high volume air movers in the space to dry the floor covering and surrounding area.  During this process, carpet is treated to stop the development of mold, mildew and odor.  Carpet may be removed and taken to our facility in order to decrease the drying time.
Usually within 24 hours, one of our technicians will evaluate the drying process and check the condition of the carpet, contents and structure and note any damage.  Once the drying process is complete, we will provide an estimate for any resulting damage.
During the entire process, we will stay in close contact with your insurance representative to be sure they know and approve of the repairs that need to be made.  Because Puma Construction is a general contractor specializing in all types of damage, we can supply all services necessary to resolve your problem completely.