Mold allergens are everywhere, and the toxins they carry can cause variable reactions to most people.  Once given water and a food source such as wood and drywall, mold spores can begin to form colonies within 48 hours.  Once the spores become airborne, they begin to spread and cross contaminate others areas.  Our goal is to locate mold spores, eliminate them, and help to prevent any further damage.   With proficient training in mold remediation and negative air containment, our staff is at the front line of your defense against this potential hazard.


When dealing with construction and mold remediation situations, we are constantly working in and around areas that cannot become cross contaminated.  By setting up full negative air containments, we can achieve vacuum lock conditions which keep airborne pollutants and debris within our containment areas only.  Inside our containment areas, our negative air machines scrub and circulate the inside air to create a cleaner working environment.  This service becomes a valuable asset when doing demolition, construction, or even flooring in an occupied residence or business.  For this reason, we offer our containment and cleaning services to contractors, re-modelers, and any others who are in need of a clean, working environment.  This service will greatly reduce the risk of damaging surrounding areas and provide a professional touch to every one of your potential jobs.